Retirement Income Planning

Attaining some form of financial freedom is a typical goal for many of us. What is not typical for most unfortunately is having a specific plan to get there. With daily commitments for work and family, it can be hard to even know what you want your retirement to look like, much less committing time to plan for it.

When we are young, time usually favors our career and investments. As, however, our assets and income grow along with our family, decisions we must make become more complex. Questions, like the following seem to expand and become more difficult.

  • How much should I invest?
  • Where should I invest?
  • How will I create income after retirement?
  • Is insurance necessary? If so, how much and what type?
  • How do I know if I’m paying too much in taxes?
  • Am I teaching the right financial lessons to my children and grandchildren?
  • Will my family be okay if something happens to me?
  • Will I be okay if something happens to my spouse?

And there are so many more.

A good retirement plan cannot answer all these questions immediately. However, a plan will lay a solid foundation. Your future self will thank you.

To lay that foundation we help you

  • Organize all your financial assets, including investments, insurance, taxes, and other relevant information so it is easy to access and review
  • Discuss, clarify, and prioritize your financial goals for retirement, health care, children, and others. 
  • Model various retirement scenarios to measure the effects of investments, timing, and other issues to better inform your goals and specific financial decisions
  • Asses the ability of your investments and savings to meet your goals and recommend strategies for growth and to mitigate risks. 
  • Review your taxes to determine where you could achieve savings to further your goals 
  • Create an income strategy that funds your lifestyle in retirement that aligns your income needs with your savings, investment risk, taxes, and other considerations
  • Ensure that adequate sources of income are available for your survivors in the event of your premature death, disability, or long-term care need.