Our Services

We are a fee-based financial planning firm and offer our expertise in the following areas. 

Retirement Planning

  • How much do you need to save, where and how should you be invested, and how can you maximize what you already have to reach financial independence?
  • What strategies should you use to create income and not run out of money in retirement?

Investment Planning

  • How much risk is appropriate for you and how much risk should you take?
  • Year-long, continual monitoring of your investments.
  • Independent advice

Long-term Care / Elder Care Planning

  • How should you plan for long-term health care expenses? What assets and/or insurance is suited to your needs?
  • Veterans Aid & Attendance benefits
  • Medicaid planning

Risk Management

  • Do you have an emergency fund? How should you build it, where should it be, and how much?
  • Is there a debt payment plan, if necessary?.
  • Will you have enough income if you suffer an accident or illness?
  • Will your family have enough income if you were no longer with them?

Estate Planning

  • Are your investments and insurance policies titled correctly so that you avoid tax and estate problems and that your beneficiaries receive what you intend them to?
  • Have you discussed your needs with legal counsel and have the appropriate documents in place, in the way that you want them, such as your will, trust, powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, and directive to physician?.

Business Planning

  • Is your business' legal and tax structure providing you with the best return on investment?
  • Are you taking advantage of retirement and other benefit plans that can not only benefit your employees and help with retention, but maximize your own savings and minimize your taxes?

Tax Planning

  • Are you taking advantage of all that you could to pay the least in taxes you are legally obligated to?
  • Are you also coordinating with a CPA and, if appropriate, a tax attorney to maximize your benefit?