Our Philosophy

Questions don't need answers, people need answers. Behind every question there's a person. Financial planning begins with questions.

  • Are you saving enough for retirement?
  • Could you do more to reduce your tax burden?
  • If something bad were to happen to you, do you have the right types of insurance and the correct amount of coverage to care for yourself and your loved ones?
  • Is there a better way to pay for your children's or grandchildren's education?
  • Do you have a plan to make sure your parents can pay for and receive care when they can no longer do as much for themselves as they used to? Do you have that plan in place for yourself?

At PWS, we don't just answer financial questions. We help provide answers for you, the person, and your family, behind these questions.

Financial planning is not a service only for the rich. It's a process to find and implement the right solutions for the financial concerns you and your loved ones have.

There are lots of tools in the toolbox of financial planning. Not every job needs a hammer, and not every financial planning tool is appropriate for every person.

In fact, there are often other professionals that can bring additional tools with them, such as CPAs, elder law, estate, and tax attorneys among others. We encourage collaboration with different professionals to provide as many resources as necessary that could address your concerns.

On the other hand, some advisers say they will never use certain financial tools. Maybe that's a product or particular strategy they don't like. At PWS, we don't believe in “answering” your question in this way before we hear your story.

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